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About Emily

Em’s Fight is a Foundation sponsorhipformed by the Pohlschneider Family in Emily Pohlschneider-Edwards memory.  Em’s Fight will help support local women with families in our community struggling with cancer. It will help pay for treatment, transportation to treatment, seeking the best doctor in their field or specialists, childcare, new clothing, rent, bills, help purchasing a wig, groceries, or a last family trip to form some amazing memories with their family.

Why did we choose to name the Foundation Em’s Fight? Emily was a three sport athlete through High School and went on to be an All-American scholar athlete in college.  She was a fierce competitor and never lost her cool while she was competing but off the court she was the most caring and compassionate person that you had ever met.  After she graduated she began her 14 year career at Nike, where she held several positions in Production Art and Graphic Design.  She was passionate about athletics but also passionate about her family.  She loved her daughter Stephanie with all her heart and her goal was to beat cancer and live to tell her story to give others strength and hope.  Since she isn’t here to do that, the Pohlschneider family promises to continue to do it for her in her memory.  Although her story ended far too early, we continue to have hope for those battling today and want to pass her strength onto them and their families!  Emily always continued fighting even until the end and we want to help spread the message that those who are battling cancer are not alone!

About Her Cancer

Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) is a group of rare tumors that involve abnormal growth of cells inside a woman’s uterus. GTD does not develop from cells of the uterus like cervical cancer or endometrial (uterine lining) cancer do. Instead, these tumors start in the cells that would normally develop into the placenta during pregnancy. (The term “gestational” refers to pregnancy.)  GTD begins in the layer of cells called the trophoblast that normally surrounds an embryo. (Tropho- means “nutrition,” and -blast means “bud” or “early developmental cell.”) Early in normal development, the cells of this layer form tiny, finger-like projections known as villi. These villi grow into the lining of the uterus. In time, the trophoblast layer develops into the placenta, the organ that protects and nourishes the growing fetus.

What Causes It GTD

A hydatidiform or invasive mole occurs when a single sperm fertilizes an egg without a nucleus. The chromosomes in the sperm duplicate, resulting in an abnormal embryo that has only male genetic material. A mole can also occur when two sperm fertilize a single egg.  A mole develops from the abnormally fertilized egg and is characterized by a lack of a normal fetus and by many small fluid-filled cysts. Overall, GTD is a rare disease. The reported incidence of hydatidiform mole ranges from 23 to 1299 cases per 100,000 pregnancies.

How can I help?

If you are interested in helping there are so many options for you! You can donate by clicking the PayPal link below, volunteer to pour brew at French Prairie Gardens & Family Farm’s Berries, Brews & BBQ’s Festival that helps benefit our foundation, volunteer to help at our Fight For Your Life 5K that benefits our foundation, or sign up to run the 5K!  The 5K annually takes place the last Sunday in September, with a 10:30 am Start Time.


Know someone who could benefit from Em’s Fight or is suffering from GTD?

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